5 Reasons To Keep Your Gutters Clean

22 October 2015
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The gutters on your home might not be the most exciting part of it, but they do play an important role. Gutters are responsible for regulating the flow of water from your roof and making sure it doesn't cause problems inside and outside your home. While you can perform some gutter maintenance on your own, such as cleaning out leaves, most gutter maintenance is best left to professionals. If you've been ignoring gutter maintenance for a while, consider these 5 reasons why it's important to keep your gutters clean.

1. Damaged gutters can lead to roof damage. When gutters are blocked by debris, it can cause water to back up in them. When water is backed up in the gutters, it exposes the underlying roof material to water and causes it to rot over time. Once the underlying material becomes weak enough, it will have to be replaced.

2. Features on your home, such as your windows or deck, can be ruined. The downspouts on your gutters are responsible for directing water in the appropriate direction. If your downspouts are damaged, the water could start pouring on to features of your home that aren't able to handle that much contact with water. These features will rot with too much water exposure and require unnecessarily early replacement.

3. Your home's foundation can be damaged. When gutters work properly, the water is distributed to a spot where it can't affect your home's foundation but can instead be absorbed into the ground away from your home. When gutters don't work properly, the water that leaks from the gutter slowly seeps into your home's foundation. Over time, excess water exposure to your home's foundation can cause it to crack, shift, or sink.

4. Damaged gutters can pose a danger to homeowners. Aside from parts of your home being damaged from leaky gutters, they can also pose a danger to you, because the water that leaks creates slippery conditions around the pathway into the home. Keeping your gutters clean will ensure the water is directed away from walkways and doesn't create dangerous conditions.

5. You can keep pests away. Pests like to find dark, damp environments to take shelter in, so your dirty, clogged gutters are the perfect place for them to live. Considering pests can carry dangerous diseases and viruses, you'll want to keep them as far from your home as possible.

Hiring professionals to clean your gutters might not be a top priority, but doing so can help you avoid unnecessary problems in the future. For more information, contact a local gutter installation or repair company  like Unique Gutters & Exteriors gutters